This website is concentrated around the Global Fashion Concentration Master program led by Prof. Dr. Yoko Takagi. This course is based on research from the fields of Art and Design Practice, and its theory and history.

The Global Fashion Concentration (GFC) Master course has been founded in 2012 for students who wish to gain their MA in fashion and textile studies in English. All courses in GFC are conducted in English and are open to both Japanese and non-Japanese students.

Continuing in the long tradition of Bunka Gakuen, the goal of The Global Fashion Concentration is to have our students ‘create new beauty and culture‘, in any media related to fashion using the University’s state-of-the-art tools and research facilities. Students will have access to Bunka’s celebrated fashion library and world-class fashion museum for research and inspiration. The program strives to bridge theory and practice within a global context with a focus on fashion related art and design.
As the course is based in Japan, there are classes offered on Japanese aesthetics and language. An array of trans-disciplinary subjects related to fashion are offered. The core subject of the GFC, titled “Project Research,” is led by specialists and industry counterparts and is designed to allow students to develop their individual research proposals both in practice and theory. Additionally, internships at high profile Japanese brands such as Yohji Yamamoto, Yoshio Kubo, Anrealage, Akiko Aoki, CFCL as well as musea such as the National Art Center enable students to implement real world connections between concept and practical knowledge.

To be eligible to graduate, students are required complete a Master’s thesis and a practical work.
GFC is a concentrated program: Excellence in creation and skill as well as strong motivation, commitment and patience will be required. Successful graduates will be candidates for employment in all areas and levels of the fashion industry across the world, including design, journalism, fashion buying, curation, creative direction, and academia. Students who graduated from the program have successfully started their own brands, and have found jobs at the following companies/institutions: Addidas, Ambush, Lemaire, Bourie, UltraSuperNew K.K., Bunka Gakuen University, and others.