University Expenses for 2023

Graduate School (Master’s Program)

(1)The sum paid at time of enrollment is the total for the first semester of the first year.
(2)In the second year, the educational enhancement fee is each 150,000 yen per semester, the seminar and training costs are each 19,750 yen per semester, and student activity cost is 5,000 yen with the first semester fees.
(3)International students pay an additional each 10,000 yen per semester every year for International Student Associate Fee.

Reduction or Exemption of Tuition for International Students
Tuition is reduced or exempt in some cases in accordance with the Bunka Gakuen University Regulations regarding the Exemption of Tuition for Privately Financed International Students (reduction or exemption of university expenses starts from the second semester). Such reduction or exemption cannot be applied in combination with another scholarship.

Scholarships and Funding
Next to the possibilities mentioned above, Bunka Gakuen University does not offer scholarships yearly. Some governmental organizations, as well as private organisations offer scholarships and funding. Below, you can find some links. We advise you to check the Japanese embassy or consul website of your country, as they usually share links for students who want to come to Japan.

Find information about the scholarship for international students in Japan for 2022-2023 here.

Study in Japan

Japanese Student Services Organization

Monbukagakusho MEXT Scholarships

Rotary Yoneyama Memorial scholarship

Japan Study Support