Bunka Gakuen University website, and the Global Fashion Concentration page in English, and Japanese. Please consult this page for more information needed for application.

Bunka Gakuen University’s school shop website (in Japanese).

In the Bunka shop you can get all of your essentials, and many many textbooks and specialty tools as well. Within the shop there are two stores, Bunka and Tsuyose, which sells your notions like thread, buttons, zippers, snaps, buckles etc. Tsuyose also has a multi-floor location in Nakano (map) at which you can use your Bunka student card for a discount.

Bunka Gakuen University library website.

Bunka’s library hosts one of the biggest fashion magazine archives, with back numbers of nearly all the major an minor fashion magazines in the world. Furthermore, the library is known for its extensive collection on art, history and culture related books.

Transboundary Fashion Seminar: the website on the Transboundary Fashion Seminar hosted by Prof. Dr. Takagi. Click here to see the Seminar’s Facebook page, with more frequent updates on upcoming and past seminars.