Scientific Research on Transboundary Contemporary Japanese Fashion

This research project and series of seminars has been made possible by the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) and is headed by Prof. Dr. Yoko Takagi of Bunka Gakuen University, Tokyo. For inquiries or contributions, please visit the project’s webpage, contact Prof. Takagi, Claudia Arana or Dr. Saskia Thoelen.

Fashion, in the form of clothing, is a product of modernism and capitalism in the fields of arts, industry and living.

Since the 1980s, fashion has become a medium used to express individuality and, beyond the realm of clothing design, has deployed itself in various art forms such as photography, graphics design, music, cinema, theater and dance to name a few. When we look at the process from production to consumption, a new cultural expression is being created when crossing national and regional borders.

In this context, the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science granted us a three-year research project titled Scientific Research on Transboundary Contemporary Japanese Fashion. After completion of the project, it was extended for another three years under the title: Research for Building Theories on Transboundary Fashion and for Promoting International Collaboration.

This Transboundary Fashion Research Project consists of a number of collaborative seminars. Each time, a theme will be decided upon which focuses on “transboundary” aspects of fashion, inviting a variety of experts, academics, designers, curators, journalists, industrial professionals and students from home and abroad, to accumulate case studies and to form a global research exchange.