Application Q&A sessions are open

As a preparation for the upcoming GFC application session for the 2023-2025 program, we will be organising Q&A sessions during the month of November for those who are considering applying.

Please send an email to our GFC address:, introducing yourself (please include your cv and information about your educational background (such as your degrees and transcripts)), and write down some possible questions that you have. We will arrange a date for an online Q&A session where we will answer your questions.

Based on the information you receive at these sessions, we will ask you to prepare a research proposal and your portfolio needed for the application interviews conducted in December.

GFC Alumni Han Li featured on Graduate Fashion Week International GFWi 2022

Graduate Fashion Week International (GFWi) is the world’s largest graduation event, which allows fashion students from all over the world to show their creations. This year’s event was held from Thursday, October 13th to Sunday, October 16th at the Pearl Academy in Mumbai, India. Twenty-seven fashion schools participated in this edition, and the selected student works are showcased on the GFWi’s platform. Furthermore, the eleven live-stream webinars held during the event were recorded and are available on the GFWi website.

Together with nine other Bunka Gakuen students, our alumni Han Li’s collection portfolio was selected to represent Bunka Gakuen Unversity’s graduate school program. Click here to see her portfolio. Han Li completed the double-degree program between Bunka Gakuen University Global Fashion Concentration and the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs EnsAD. For more information about this program please click here.

Exhibition by our double degree student Laure Julien in Atami

Our exchange student from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Laure Julien, who started her exchange program at GFC in 2020, and who finished her internship at the fashion brand Eatable of Many Orders in Atami city, is organising an exhibition of the two capsule collections she developed at GFC: Tsukumogami and Ryudosei. The exhibition is held at Atami Design Club gallery.

Her exhibition is divided in two parts, featuring the Ryudosei collection during the first half (August 13-24), and her Tsukumogami collection during the second half (August 25-September 4).

For more information on both collections and the exhibition, please visit Laure’s Instagram Page.

Images from the Ryudosei capsule collection at the exhibition

Welcome to Tokyo, our new first years!

Last month, our first year students were finally able to enter Japan thanks to the eased border restrictions. Furthermore, as we have switched back to partial face-to-face classes, our students have also been able to discover our campus and our GFC studio, while taking part in these classes.
Last week, we had a visit from the lovely Sheila Cliffe, who teaches our students yukata wearing yearly, and the results can be seen in the picture below.
We are wishing our new first year students a fruitful time in Tokyo, and are looking forward to their future works!