Yohji Yamamoto x GFC

yohji and GFC 2019
yohji and GFC 2019Finn
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Teijin X GFC 2019web1

During the second semester of 2019, Teijin provided some fabric to our student Stephen Finn for the development of his final collection.


Stephen Finn

Teijin X GFC 2019Finn

ZARA x Bunka VIEW.S project

From October 2017 to February 2018, Bunka Gakuen University participated in a collaboration project with the Spain based apparel brand ZARA. In this collaboration, Three of the second year master students of the Global Fashion Concentration course (department of Living and Environment Studies, Clothing Science Studies) and two of the fourth year students of the Department of Fashion Technology (undergraduate course) had the opportunity to design a menswear collection for ZARA. The capsule collection was launched on May 30, 2018 at the ZARA Roppongi pop-up store, and from June 7, 2018 was sold at the later at the ZARA Shinjuku/ZARA Nagoya/ZARA Shinsaibashisuji stores, and the ZARA online stores worldwide. The limited edition capsule collection comprised a total of 15 articles including outerwear, shirts, trousers and T-shirts, and were all directly based on the designs by the students.

The theme of the collection was based on the idea of sports meets tailoring. The student design team was attracted by the idea of vintage tailoring and vintage sportswear, and combined these ideas to create a tailored collection with some sportswear focal points (like ropes, pleats, quilted patches, etc.). As the students liked the image of vintage clothes being always kind of oversized and not exactly fitting, they intentionally integrated this idea in the collection.

According to ZARA, “VIEW.S is a new collaborative project between leading art/design schools and Zara. Unique collections created by the brightest young talent, opening the gateway to a new wave of influences and ideas.” The collaboration with Bunka was the first in line for ZARA’s VIEW.S series, and the apparel designer hopes to do more collaboration projects in the future. We are very proud to have been the first in line to collaborate on this project, and hope that other collaboration projects may follow in the future!

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Hasselblad X GFC

On January 29, 2018, Global Fashion Concentration organized a collaboration photo shoot with Hasselblad Japan, in which two of the first year students Rickyy Wong and Diana Katigbak were given the opportunity to shoot their mini collection.

In this collaboration, Hasselblad provided the students with full equipment to conduct a professional photo shoot. In return, the students were asked to provide models and make-up artists, and to present the Hasselblad team with the image of the shoot they had in mind. On the shooting day, the Hasselblad team even offered their skills, resulting into some great results for the students’ portfolio’s.

Designs by Diana Katigbak

Designs by Rickyy Wong

The Hasselblad collaboration started in 2016, and continued until 2018.