BUNKA-ENSAD 2022 Graduate Students’ work

ZEN Meets West by Han Li

Making use of Japanese Zen philosophy Han’s collection uses oriental traditional aesthetics to re-design and upcycle western garments. Remaking and sustainability are themes present in her work.

Click here to see the concept video, and here to see all the pieces in detail.
Visit her Instagram account to see her complete collection.

The Transformable Object by Selam Wegner

Selam’s collection is an open invitation through a series of “transformable objects” to consider different ways of fashion consumption. Key concepts such as participatory modular design and co-creation are also part of her collection.

To know more about this project, please visit Selam’s Instagram account.

2021 Graduate Students’ work

Female Masculinity by Ameena Imran

Ameena Imran based her collection on her research on “Female Masculinity” and gender archetypes present in the Pakistani Punjabi Theater. 

Check her collection video here.

Social media: Website and Instagram

Seifuku Gaze by Nobue Chen

Nobue Chen highlights the “Seifuku Gaze” in her collection.

Check her video here.

2020 Graduate Students’ work

Nicole Fiorentino’s graduate project at GFC, UNDY(E)ING @nfkimono.
UNDY(E)ING aims to highlight the problems of traditional craft loss in Japan and the biodiversity loss in Ecuador.

Check the video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjgn3xgtReY

The sneakeruser project by Zhu Yi is an online platform around Chinese streetwear culture and sneaker users.

2019 BUNKA-ENSAD double degree students fashion show

ENSAD‘s graduation fashion show was organized on the first of July 2019. Our double degree students Viktoria Binger and Rickyy Wong participated in the ENSAD graduate fashion show, and were able to present their graduation collection at the event.

Collection Je suis seulement l’image que tu as créée, 2019
© Paul Mouginot, courtesy Ecole des Arts Décoratifs, Paris