The screening method and application procedure for the Global Fashion Concentration program consists of a two step process:
1. an internal screening by document and interview with the course director
2. an official application to the university
Only applicants who pass the first step will be eligible to apply to the Global Fashion Concentration course.

1. Before applying to the university’s admission office, we request students to first send a mail directly to the program ✉  Global Fashion Concentration mail address.
The first contact will be informal, depending on questions that you might have before applying to the program.
After the first contact, students who wish to officially apply will be asked to send in through mail the following:
Curriculum vitae
Academic transcript and course diploma
Test results from an English proficiency test (for non-natives)
Sample of writing (a bachelor paper, report or other piece of academic writing that shows the student’s current skills of writing (in English! everything that is not in English needs to be translated by the applicant))
Portfolio (for students with a design background).
Research proposal (that will explain concretely what you aim to study, how you will study it (what material, methods you will be using) for your thesis).
After having received the documents, an official Skype/Zoom interview session will be organized with the head of the program Prof. Dr. Takagi.
These online interview sessions will be held twice a year: a first session around July, and a second session around December.
Applicants who pass the online interview are allowed to proceed to the second step of the application process.

2. The second step in the application process will go through the admissions office. Applicants will visit the university website, and will download the application guidelines.
Please follow these guidelines for more information on the application procedure.
The application session dates for the second application session will change each year, so please refer to the university website for an update of these dates.

For more questions regarding the application procedure, please contact the ✉ admissions office.