Second application session open

This semester too, GFC will be continuing its curriculum online, combined with some face to face sessions at our campus. Students who had been abroad up until now are also preparing their move to Japan to join us in Tokyo.
This semester too, we are looking forward to welcome new application candidates for the upcoming academic year 2021.

We will start to receive applications for the second session from January 25 to January 28. Advance consultation is needed; so please contact us by December 11 the latest.

For further information concerning the application process, please visit How to apply.

GFC online and face to face sessions

Amidst the COVID19 pandemic, GFC has been organising online classes to ensure that both students who were in Tokyo and students who weren’t able to enter Japan had full access to all contents of the program.
Even though the class timetable was conducted according to the Tokyo time zone, we managed to adjust some individual session timings to the time zones of students outside of Japan, which allowed them to follow classes comfortably most of the time.
During the semester, we were also still able to invite guest speakers and experts on different topics to talk with our students. We even managed to continue some workshops on kimono wearing and family crest making, which the students definitely enjoyed.

From the second semester onward, our students outside of Japan were finally allowed to enter the country, and we hope to welcome them in Tokyo soon.
In the meantime, GFC worked hard to plan some face to face sessions alongside the online lessons that we offer to our students. So far, we have conducted a few sessions, and the students were very happy to be able to go to campus, meet their peers in real-life, and to get some hands-on advice from the GFC teachers. As the COVID19 situation in Japan seems to be stable for the moment, we hope to continue this part online part face to face system for the rest of the semester.

first application session

GFC has adapted to the Coronavirus outbreak continuing our education online and supporting our students outside and inside Japan. Therefore, we are ready to welcome you to apply to our program in 2021.

We will start to receive applications for the first session from September 28 to October 2nd. Advance consultation is needed; please contact us by September 4.

For further information, please visit How to apply.

Depending on COVID-19 situation, there is a possibility of some changes about the examination.
Please check the latest information on the website.