Welcome to Tokyo, our new first years!

Last month, our first year students were finally able to enter Japan thanks to the eased border restrictions. Furthermore, as we have switched back to partial face-to-face classes, our students have also been able to discover our campus and our GFC studio, while taking part in these classes.
Last week, we had a visit from the lovely Sheila Cliffe, who teaches our students yukata wearing yearly, and the results can be seen in the picture below.
We are wishing our new first year students a fruitful time in Tokyo, and are looking forward to their future works!

GFC Student Internships

Our student Chloé Michaud, who graduated in March this year; experienced her internship at NACT National Art Center Tokyo and had the opportunity to work during the exhibition Fashion in Japan 2045 – 2020 last summer.

Also, Laure Julien, our exchange student from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, who started her exchange program at GFC last year is currently experiencing her internship at the fashion brand Eatable of Many Orders, in Atami city.

Rethinking Fashion Globalization

Prof. Takagi published a co-edited book: Rethinking Fashion Globalization (Bloomsbury, 2021).

This book brings reflective critiques of the fashion system from fashion scholars, researchers and creative practitioners. 

It is divided into three themes, ‘Disruptions in Time and Space’, ‘Nationalism and Transnationalism’ and ‘Global Design Practices’. 

Find the book here