Students at the GFC program have access to the following facilities:

1. Bunka Gakuen University library

Our library has approximately 340,000 books specialising in art, fashion, design, and its industry, and about 3,000 magazine titles from both domestic and foreign fashion magazines. It has one of the largest magazine back number archives, which is available to the students on request.

Read more about the library here

2. GFC Studio

This is an exclusive space for GFC students, where they can work on university-related projects. It is located in the campus A building, 19th floor, room A19a&b. Here, students have access to all kinds of sewing machinery and tools.

MAR 12 2020

3. Sublimation printer

Located at the campus A building, 7th floor, this printer is property of the textile department of the university and is available to the GFC students. The plotter size has approx. 80 cm width.

4. Fabric digital printer.

GFC students are allowed to use this printer under the supervision of the GFC staff.

SEP 13 2019

5. Silk screen printing room.

The silkscreen room is managed by the university textile department and GFC students can access it under supervision of the GFC staff.

OCT 23 2019

Stephen Finn, graduated in 2020.

6. Bunka Research Lab for Fashion Textiles

Located in Hachioji, Tokyo. Eiji Miyamoto, the director of the lab, started to collaborate with GFC from 2018 onward, providing guidance for students on the development of their textiles.

Go to the lab website for further information (Japanese only )

FEB 8 2019 2

7. Knitting room

From 2019 onward, students at GFC were allowed to join knitting lessons as guests at the university knitting program, in order to learn how to use the knitting lab, which is equipped with whole garment machines Shima Seiki.

8. Industrial room

This room is available for GFC students and has all the specialized machinery for clothing making.

9. Bunka Studio

GFC Students can use this studio to shoot their MA collection. At the studio, students will be in charge of direction, while photographers of Soen Magazine (装苑, published by the university publishing bureau) will be taking the photos.

9. Other facilities

Bunka Gakuen University has specialized equipment and labs affiliated with its various programs. When GFC students request to use specialized equipment or receive guidance on techniques from other programs, we try to facilitate a dialogue between students and the teachers in question.

10. Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum

The Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum specialises in the collection of garments, and organizes several exhibitions throughout the year. The access to the museum is free of charge for students and faculty staff.

Read more about our museum here