On March 18th, our first year MA student Brittany Glassey’s work will be featured on the NHK BS Program “Royal Mysteries – The Secrets of the Empress’ Dress.”

In her MA research, Brittany tackles questions around how virtual technologies can be used in the preservation, restoration and exhibition of Tangible Cultural Assets, and within this framework has done research on the taireifuku (manteau de cour) which is part of the Bunka Gakuen Costume museum collection. From last fall, she has been collaborating in the project for the Research on and Conservation, Preservation, and Reproduction of Shōken Kōtaigō’s Court Dress, organised by the Medieval Japanese Studies Institute, where she has been assisting in the recreation of the taireifuku preserved at Daishoji temple in Kyoto.

In the program, the mysteries shrouding the Daishoji taireifuku are explored. It will feature the video Brittany developed to explore how the taireifuku would look like in its restored state, making use of virtual technology.

Program title: 『ロイヤル・ミステリー 皇后のドレスの謎』

Airing schedule: March 18 (Sat.) 9PM  NHK BS Premium

* This program might also be featured on NHK world on March 25th, we will update this page with more details

For more information, please check this link  

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